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Eden Rock:
Eden Rock has become known for snorkelling with groups of yellow tails and sergeant major.


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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in Cayman Islands.

Bloody Bay Wall

Rated 4.4, 18 votes

Bloody Bay Wall is without doubt the top diving attraction of Little Cayman, Cayman Islands. At its northwest side you will find this underwater ledge starting at twenty feet deep going down to a few thousand feet. The deepest part of the Caribbean Sea is Cayman Trough with its stunning depth of more than 22000 feet. It is a place with caverns, small caves and crevices for all kinds of critters to hide in. It is a colourful world with some of the biggest and most exotic sponges you have ever see...

Stingray City

Rated 5.0, 6 votes

Stingray City is Cayman Island's most stunning feature. It is an area suitable for snorkellers and divers where you will literally find hundreds of southern stingrays swimming and hovering across the white sand. During the past decades they have been lured by the leftovers of local fishermen. They cleaned their catch of the day and threw the rest overboard. Today many divers interact with the rays and hand feed them with parts of squid. Once a ray smells that food that is brought into the wa...

Eden Rock

Rated 4.8, 5 votes

Eden Rock is a shallow shore dive which features huge coral heads and towering pinnacles complete with some chimneys and many swimthroughs. It is extra appealing to snorkellers as you can feed the surrounding clouds of sergeant majors and yellowtails. You can reach it by setting up your dive equipment and enter the water through some staircases cut into the iron shore. Storms and tourism have taken its toll on the coral, but it remains nice diving nevertheless....

Wilderness Wall or Cio's Craig

Rated 5.0, 2 votes

Wilderness Wall or Cio's Craig is without doubt the best wall dive off Cayman Brac's southern coast just south of Beach Point. It has several brilliant tunnels and chimneys that bring you from the top of the reef at 50ft somewhere down to 80ft. There you will see fantastic rope, vase and tube sponges in sizes you have never seen. They are mixed with gorgonians and come in shades of red, pink, orange, green and yellow. A huge pinnacle rises to within 100 foot of the surface and creates an...

White Stroke Canyon

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

White Stroke Canyon or Grand Canyon is a deep split in the wall forming a huge undersea canyon in depths between fifty and one hundred feet deep. The wall is adorned with sponges, lacy sea fans and black corals. Marine life that can be found here are Creole wrasses, spotted eagle rays, a lost shark out in the blue and green turtles. You have to stick to North Sound and East End dive operators as they are the only ones that regularly visit this dive site. ...

Grouper Grotto

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Grouper Grotto is a relatively shallow dive site where coral heads, pinnacles and caverns fight about which one is going to be the prime characteristic. In between this maze of archways and overhangs you will find huge balls of baitfish, often silversides. A set of tarpons keep the group together and one by one they attack the massive group and come out minimizing it with one. Tarpon have an upright dorsal fin and can grow up to sizes of eight feet. You can also distinguish them from barracuda b...


Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Babylon Wall is one of the few dive sites off Grand Cayman's north shore just east of old man bay across the queen's monument. It is a huge wall dive, starting at a depth of forty feet, offering excellent examples of healthy wire coral, rope sponges and black coral. Also novice diver can have a great dive here on the sandy flats just before the drop-off or at the nearby shallower reefs of Babylon Shallows. It is also possible for snorkellers to get here from shore just off Babylon Beach ...

Captain Keith Tibbetts

Rated 4.1, 9 votes

A relatively young wreck dive is the famous MV. Captain Keith Tibbetts, a huge 330 foot long Russian Brigadier Type II Class frigate that was scuttled on the north shore of Cayman Brac in September 1996. The wreck is known by the name Russian Destroyer #356 and was built in 1984 in Nadhodka, U.S.S.R. She was built for the Cuban navy but the ship hasn't participated in any great battles as long as she was in service. When she was sold to the Cayman Islands, she was renamed Captain Keith Tibbe...

Marylin's Cut, Hole in the Wall

Rated 4.7, 3 votes

Marilyn's Cut or Hole in the Wall is a generally sloping reef until you reach the wall at 25 feet deep. A bit to the right you will find a lot of loose coral which looks like it has been cut off from the reef creating a hole in the wall. Marine life and several kinds of sponges are as its neighbouring dives, Three Fathom Wall to the east and Donna's Delight in the west, in one word fantastic. Among its vibrant marine life are two large resident Nassau groupers which have been named Ben a...

Devil's Grotto

Rated 4.5, 4 votes

Just offshore George Town you will find one of the most popular shore dives on Grand Cayman. Devil's Grotto offers many swimthroughs, several huge coral heads among a collection of rocky grottos. You will often be intrigued by bait balls, big-eyed tarpon and schools of silversides. Unfortunately, the coral is less healthy than elsewhere and it is one of the places where the influence of diving tourism is well seen....