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  1. Aquarium : The Aquarium is diving with healthy coral and many different species of reef fish that come together here.
  2. Oro Verde : One of Grand Cayman's best wreck dives sits just offshore Seven Mile Beach and is named the Oro Verde.
  3. Stingray City : Stingray City is the world's best twelve foot dive where you can handfed and touch southern stingrays.
  4. USS Kittiwake : Wreck dive site the USS Kittiwake is a 77 meter long rescue vessel recently being scuttled near Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman.
  1. Devil's Grotto : Devils Grotto NorthDevil's Grotto is a collection of rocky coral grottos, some pinnacles, swimthroughs and plenty of marine life.
  2. Eden Rock : Eden Rock has become known for snorkelling with groups of yellow tails and sergeant major.
  3. Japanese Garden : Japanese Garden is a system of tunnels and caves which has formed because of the continuing force of waves from the south.
  1. Pedro's Pinnacles : Pedro's Pinnacle is a very deep pinnacle dive site across Cayman's oldest settlement Pedro St. James Castle.
  2. Sandbar : Sandbar is a shallow dive site right into the white sand where divers can stand and hand feed the thousands of stingrays.
  3. White Stroke Canyon : Grand Canyon or White Stroke Canyon is one of the deep and steep wall dives off the northern coast.
  1. Babylon : Babylon is one of the best wall dives in the Caribbean known to all regular divers in the Cayman Islands.
  2. Grouper Grotto : Grouper Grotto is a system of caverns, archways and swimthroughs created by the many coral heads and boulders.
  1. Bloody Bay Wall : Diving at dive site Bloody Bay Wall, Little Cayman
    1. Marylin's Cut, Hole in the Wall : Marylyn's Cut steep drop-off offers a patch of loose coral which is referred to as a hole in the wall.
    2. Mixing Bowl, Three Fathom Wall : Three Fathom Wall or Mixing Bowl one of Little Cayman's most pupular dive site offering the steep features of Bloody Bay Wall and the sloping sandy ridge of Jackson Bay.
    3. Randy's Gazebo, Chimney : Randy's Gazebo or the Chimney is featuring a wide archway and two chimneys transporting you up or down the reef wall.
  2. Jackson Bay : Jackson Bay is the area east of Bloody Bay and is famous for its amount of spotted eagle rays.
    1. Cascades : The dive site Cascades is a series of mini walls separated with slopes of white sand resembling a waterfall.
    2. Eagle Ray Roundup : Eagle Ray Roundup used to be the only place where huge numbers of spotted eagle rays congregate together in Jackson Bay.
  3. Windsock Reef : Windsock Reef is one of the shallow reefs of Little Cayman's south side right across the plane's landing strip.
  1. Bert Brother Boulders : Diving amongst huge coral heads rising from the ocean floor is what Bert Brothers Boulders is all about.
  2. Captain Keith Tibbetts : The MV. Captain Keith Tibbetts was an originally Russian frigate used by the Caymans as one of the first artificial reefs.
  3. Cemetery Reef : Cemetery Wall offers a great steep wall reachable from shore named after the onshore graveyard.
    1. Kissimmee : Kissimee wreck was a small tug that was scuttled in 1982 for divers to enjoy.
    2. Radar Reef : Radar Reef is one of the best known shallow shore dives which attracts loads of macro photographers especially at night.
    3. Wilderness Wall or Cio's Craig : Wilderness Wall is a spectacular wall dive where you can find some of the biggest vase and tube sponges available in the world.