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The Aquarium is diving with healthy coral and many different species of reef fish that come together here.

Name Dive Site:Aquarium
Depth: 29-49ft (9-15m)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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The Aquarium or Killer Puffer at the west side of West Bay just offshore Seven Mile Beach is a must see if you like huge numbers and a wide variety of marine life. It is a bowl of fish caught in long coral fingers, walls of antler coral and waving sea whips and gorgonians. You will encounter all sorts of reef fish in all sizes and numbers. Some of the larger examples are wrasses, nurse sharks and groupers. Other species are blue striped grunts, pufferfish, snappers, goatfish, French angelfish, sergeant major and spotted trunkfish. Peek under the coral's edges to find lobster, eels and tiny crabs. It is an old favourite for night diving.

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