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Information about many dive sites which have been listed but which have not been activated.

We have many dive sites listed in our database, but for some we don't have any information yet. We would appreciate any help so email us your text (don't forget to mention to which dive site it belongs) if you have been diving at the spots below and would like to write about it. You can also add a new dive site if your dive spot isn't listed at our website yet.

North West

Angelfish Reef, Bear's Paw, Big Dipper, Big Tunnels, Black Forest North, Blue Pinnacles, Bolero, Bonnie's Arch, Caribbean Club Sand Chute, Chain Reef, Dolphin Drop off, Dragon's Hole, Eagle Ray Pass, Eagle's Nest, Easy Street, Ghost Mountain, Great House Wall, Hammerhead Hole, Hepp's Pipeline, Hepp's Wall, Hole in the Wall, Holiday Inn Drop-off, In Between, Jax Dax, Killer Puffer, Knife, Little Tunnels, Lone Star Reef, Lost Treasure Reef, Main Street, Marty's Wall, Memorial Reef, Mesa, Mitch Miller Reef, Neptune's Wall, North West Point, Orange Canyon, Oro Verde Stern, Paradise Reef, Peter's Reef, Princess Penny's Wall, Round Rock East, Round Rock West, Royal Palms Ledge, Sand Chute, Sentinel Rock, Slaughterhouse Wall, Spanish Anchor, Stingray City East, Tarpon Alley East, Tarpon Alley West, Three Trees, Trinity Caves, Wall Street, Wildlife Reef, Wreck Doc Poulson, xxPeppermint Reefx

George Town

Armchair Reef, Barracuda Ron's Pass, Black Forest, Blackie's Hole, Bullwinkle East, Bullwinkle West, Christina's Wall, Crossroads, Dangerous Dan's Drop-off, Dede's Garden, Devils Grotto South, Eagle Ray Rock, Eden Rock South, Eye of the Needle, Fish Pot Reef, Gary's Reef, Gary's Wall, Japanese Garden West, Kent's Caves East, Kent's Caves West, L.C.M. David Nicholson, Laura's Reef, Ned's Tunnels, No Name Wall, Ollen's Office, Pageant Beach Reef, Pallas Pinnacle Central, Pallas Pinnacle East, Pallas Pinnacle West, Pallas Reef East, Pallas Reef West, Phantom Ledge, Pirate's Cove, Red Bay Caves, Ron's Wall, Smith Cove, Soto's North

North Side & Bodden Town

3 B's Wall, Andes Reef, Andes Wall, Bats Cave Reef, Blue Peter Reef, Chinese Wall, Deila's Delight, Dream Weaver Reef, Gail's Mountain, Hammerhead Hill, Haunted House, Lemon Reef, Lemon Wall, Leslie's Curl, No Name Wall, Pedro's Reef, Penny's Arch, Pinnacle Reef, Queen's Throne, Robert's Wall, Spotts Reef

East End

Anchor Point, Barrel Sponge wall, Black Rock Canyon, Black Rock Two, Chubb Hole, Cinderella's Castle, Crusher's Wall, Dragon's Lair, Fantasy Land, Fish Tank, High Rock Drop off, Iron Shore Gardens, Julie's Wall, Kangaroo Gorge, Kelly's Caverns, Little Bluff, Little House on the Prairie, Lodge Anchor, Lost Valley, Maggie's Maze, McCurly's Walls, McKennys Canyon, Northern Lights, Omega Reef, Pat's Wall, Playing Field, River of Sands, Scuba Bowl, Snapper Hole, Split Rock, Tarpon Tap Room, Tarpon Terrace, The Maze, Three Sisters, Top Secret, Turtle Pass, Valley of the Doll

Little Cayman

Black Hole, Barracuda Bite, Coconut Wall, Donna's Delight, Fisheye Fantasea, Great Wall East, Great Wall West, Jigsaw Puzzle, Joy's Joy, Lea Lea's Lookout, Paradise Plundge, Bush Gardens, Charlie's Chimneys, Coral Cay Wall, Dynamite Drop, Edge, Gay's Reef, Grundy's Gardens, Hooray Reef, Howard's Holes, Blacktip Boulevard, Bus Stop, Cumber's Caves, Jackson Bright, Meadows, Mike's Mount, Paul's Anchor, Sarah's Set, Lighthouse Reef, Lighthouse Wall, Nancy's Cup of Tea, Patty's Place, Pirate's Point Reef, Richard's Reef, Ringer's Wall, Sand Chute, Soto Trader, Unknown

Cayman Brac

Airport Wall, Anchor Wall, Angel Reef, Bat Cave, Bluff Wall, Buccaneer's, Butterfly Reef, Charlie's Reef, Chutes, East Chute or Cayman Mariner, Middle Chute, West Chute, Duppy's Reef, Elkhorn Forrest, End of Island Wall, Garden Eel Wall, Greenhouse Reef, Greenhouse Wall, Grunt Valley, Hedy's Reef, Hobbit, Inside Out, Lighthouse Reef, Manta Canyon, Patch Reef, Pillar Coral Reef, Plymouth Rock, Prince Frederick Wreck, Public Beach, Rock Monster Chimney, School House Wall, Sea Feather Wall, Sergeant Major Reef, Snapper Reef, Tiara Tunnels