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Grouper Grotto is a system of caverns, archways and swimthroughs created by the many coral heads and boulders.

Name Dive Site:Grouper Grotto
Depth: 22-52ft (7-16m)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Grouper Grotto is a relatively shallow dive site where coral heads, pinnacles and caverns fight about which one is going to be the prime characteristic. In between this maze of archways and overhangs you will find huge balls of baitfish, often silversides. A set of tarpons keep the group together and one by one they attack the massive group and come out minimizing it with one. Tarpon have an upright dorsal fin and can grow up to sizes of eight feet. You can also distinguish them from barracuda by looking at its teeth. Barracuda's are easily seen while the teeth of tarpon are well hidden.

The top of the reef starts at twenty feet and drops down to the bottom of the canyon at sixty feet deep. You will find spur and groove coral formations topped with thick stands of staghorn and elkhorn corals. Besides tarpon you can find hunting barracuda and snappers. You can also find groupers here but it is not a grouper paradise as you would suspect with a dive site named Grouper Grotto.

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