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The dive site Cascades is a series of mini walls separated with slopes of white sand resembling a waterfall.

Name Dive Site:Cascades
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At the most northeast end of Jackson Bay we will find a dive site named Cascades. If you dive seawards you will find several mini walls consisting out of pinnacles and huge coral heads. They are separated with gradually descending white sanded slopes resembling the fast flowing waters in between waterfalls. You will feel like tubing down on the water flow and tumbling over the reef wall's edges like in a waterfall. The final cascade is the huge wall which starts at 75 feet deep and dropping down to over 150 feet. Pay attention to strong currents which can make this dive site a difficult one. The sandy patches attract many stingrays and eagle rays while the huge wall is perfect for reef sharks, turtles and horse-eye jacks.

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