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One of Grand Cayman's best wreck dives sits just offshore Seven Mile Beach and is named the Oro Verde.

Name Dive Site:Oro Verde
Depth: 39-49ft (12-15m)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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The Oro Verde was a 184 ft long steel liberty ship that was scuttled off the west coast of Grand Cayman on May 31, 1980. Stories tell that the ship was operating as a Jamaican drug smuggling boat in its last years. She was removed from all sharp objects, doors and hatches were opened and then she was finally ready to be sunk at the ocean floor. She lays there relatively intact at her starboard side in some of the whitest sand you have ever seen.

You can see patches of corals and sponges while groupers, grunts, yellow tail snappers and angel fish are spotted along the wreck. Entering the wreck is possible at the square deck hatch from where you can see some inner rooms in more details. There are some portholes immediately when you enter that offer some light. A famous resident jewfish of over 300 pounds is named Sweet Lips or George and lives behind the bow section. Other named inhabitants are Kermit the six foot tall moray eel and Puff a four foot barracuda. Hand feeding is common around the wreck and most fish are very happy to swim towards you when you reach out your hands. She lies in shallow waters less than fifty feet deep, making it perfect for novice divers, wreck divers and photography as well. It is diving at Grand Cayman's most popular and crowded wreck.

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