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Randy's Gazebo or the Chimney is featuring a wide archway and two chimneys transporting you up or down the reef wall.

Name Dive Site:Randy's Gazebo, Chimney
Depth: 22-104ft (7-32m)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Randy's Gazebo is named after a wide limestone archway that sits right into the coral plateau and creates an excellent frame for some of the best wide angled photographs you often see on postcards. It is exciting to swim through and offers excellent sunlight views of divers in open water. You will reach it after a few minutes going east from the boat mooring.

Another name for this dive site is the Chimney as there is one starting at seventy feet deep that brings you to the top of the reef at forty feet. Another smaller one is right next to the other almost immediately under the mooring.

The arch and wall are decorated in white anemones, yellow tubes and huge barrel sponges. The wall is a vivid place especially on top where all sort of critters live. Seahorses, feather stars, cleaner shrimp and morays are often spotted. Larger animals such as eagle rays and sharks often hover around the walls waiting for their tasty bite.

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