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Little Cayman is a remote and great tourist destination featuring Bloody Bay Wall, one of the deepest walls in the world.

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Little Cayman is the smallest and least developed islands of the Cayman Islands. It is an island where iguana's and species of birds outnumber the small resident population of less than 200 people. This coral atoll offers peace in all its glory with tranquil pristine beaches to relax on. Visit one of its spectacular ponds such as Jackson's Pond and Booby Pond, where you will find many bird species such as red footed boobies, heronry and frigate birds. There is a mile long trail named Salt Rock Nature Trail which shows some of Cayman's wonderful nature. It's landscape is almost flat and doesn't have a striking feature as the bluff in Cayman Brac. It is possible to canoe to Owen Island, one of the most secluded islands in the world, which makes for phenomenal sunsets. Some yearly events which are worth visiting are the Mardi Gras celebration and Little Cayman Cook-off.

Little Cayman is a year around paradise, an escape from the busy world and a place to fully relax. Most people arrive here by liveaboard tour or by landing at its unpaved airstrip. Your first impression might be quiet en underdeveloped but there are some of the most luxury resorts, excellent communication methods and great dining opportunities.

Little Cayman is also one of the world's most famous diving destinations. All divers have heard of Bloody Bay Wall, which is one of the deepest wall destinations worldwide. Its exhilarating walls start just below the surface and go down to 6000 feet, well beyond recreational and technical diving limits. (We do have to say that these depths are reached more than two miles offshore as the walls don't drop completely vertical to these depths. Tourist shops, charters and travel agencies like to brag about it.) The drop-offs are decorated in yellow tube sponges, orange vase sponges and hard corals. Jackson's Bight is another favourite in the Caribbean and offers amazing night dives where octopus and squid are common. There are plenty of fishing trips hunting for game fish such as tarpon, jacks and bonefish. Common coral fish, barracuda and groupers are plentiful and not at all shy to divers.

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- Cayman Islands Activity Guide, PO Box 2382, Grand Cayman

Cayman Islands Activity Guide

Cayman Islands Activity Guide
 PO Box 2382
Grand Cayman


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