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Stingray City is the world's best twelve foot dive where you can handfed and touch southern stingrays.

Name Dive Site:Stingray City
Depth: 0-9ft (0-3m)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Stingray City is Cayman Island's most stunning feature. It is an area suitable for snorkellers and divers where you will literally find hundreds of southern stingrays swimming and hovering across the white sand. During the past decades they have been lured by the leftovers of local fishermen. They cleaned their catch of the day and threw the rest overboard. Today many divers interact with the rays and hand feed them with parts of squid. Once a ray smells that food that is brought into the water you will literally be surrounded with rays and it feels like squid being sucked out of your palm's hand. It is a great adventure being the one feeding the rays in these rich and azul blue waters. Remember though that there is nothing else than stingrays that might catch your attention. It is the stingrays you are here for. It are wild animals and not completely without danger as they have a razor sharp tail. Don't harass them and keep your body away from its tail.

Stingray City is with twelve feet deep without reach of hand feeding, but many snorkellers, swimmers and free divers dive down to touch their skin. In both places it is completely safe for divers to do so. It is one of nature's phenomenons where stingrays and divers have learnt to deal with each other and became independent of one another. The shallower areas are often crowded with tourists from cruise ships so we should advise to dive this place.

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