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Diving at dive site Bloody Bay Wall, Little Cayman

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Bloody Bay Wall is without doubt the top diving attraction of Little Cayman, Cayman Islands. At its northwest side you will find this underwater ledge starting at twenty feet deep going down to a few thousand feet. The deepest part of the Caribbean Sea is Cayman Trough with its stunning depth of more than 22000 feet. It is a place with caverns, small caves and crevices for all kinds of critters to hide in. It is a colourful world with some of the biggest and most exotic sponges you have ever seen. There are lush coral gardens and forests of fan coral and waving sea fans. Azure blue, emerald green, turquoise and the brightest yellow dominate on the wall. Marine life is vivid; especially the big-lipped Nassau groupers acts as one of the species best used to divers. There are many small reef fish as horse-eye jacks, triggerfish, groupers and turtles. Sea fans, yellow tube sponges, red sponges and many little fish as shrimp, lobster, sea cucumbers and eels inhabit these walls. Turtles, barracudas, sharks and different type of rays are swimming and looking here for food.

The edge of the one mile long Bloody Bay Wall offers over a dozen dive sites all parallel to the shoreline. Visit the steep wall and sandy patches at Three Fathom Wall that separates Bloody Bay Wall from Jackson's Bight. Other famous sites are Marylin's Cut where the coral wall is sliced and Randy's Gazebo, which consist out of a chimney. Wherever you dive you will be surprised by the steepness, colours and amount of inhabitants.

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- Southern Cross Club, , Little Cayman

Southern Cross Club

Southern Cross Club
 Little Cayman

The casually sophisticated Southern Cross Club, Fish & Dive Resort is Little Cayman's oldest original resort, offering a top-rated, professional in-house diving and fishing operation. The Southern Cross Club property has an untraditional layout featuring 12 spacious ocean-view beachfront bungalows.


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